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NASSPE offers a wide variety of professional development offerings and other services, to schools - both single-sex and coeducational in format - and to school districts. Since 2002, Dr. Leonard Sax has led professional development sessions for more than 300 schools and school districts around the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, England, and Scotland.

You can download the 4-page outline for one of Dr. Sax's teacher-training workshops by clicking here.

All our workshops can be customized to the needs and interests of the faculty at a particular school.

Dr. Sax also frequently speaks to parents. At those events, Dr. Sax raises and answers questions such as:
    "My son seems to care more about getting to the next level in his video game than he cares about doing well in school. How can I re-motivate him?
    "My daughter spends so much time on Facebook, and texting - but so do most of her friends. Should I be concerned - and what if anything can I do about it anyhow?"
You can learn more about Dr. Sax's presentations for parents by visiting Dr. Sax's website
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Comments from people who've attended some of Dr. Sax's previous workshops.
If you have any questions, or you would like to get more information about the various professional development options available, please contact us. For questions about pricing and availability for professional development workshops, or questions about conference registration, please ask for Katie Kautz; for questions about how the workshop could be customized to the needs of your particular school, please ask to speak with Dr. Sax.


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