NASSPE's Sixth International Conference
Las Vegas, Nevada
Saturday and Sunday, October 9 and 10, 2010
NASSPE V: Atlanta, 2009
October 2009: Our fifth international conference in Atlanta was a great success, with 464 attendees from all across the United States as well as from Argentina, Bermuda, Canada, and Poland.

The complete program for the 2009 Atlanta conference is available for download (as a PDF) at MainText.pdf.
The remainder of this page is the conference web site for the 2009 Atlanta conference as it appeared on Friday, October 9, 2009:

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List of speakers for 2009 conference, in alphabetical order

  • Michele Basolo and Nina Williams-Carrol from Clark County public schools (Las Vegas), will share what they have learned about teaching math to girls in the all-girls classroom, so that math is their girls’ favorite subject!
  • Dr. Katherine Bradley will give a presentation entitled "The impact of single-sex education on the performance of public elementary school students".
  • Abby Brown, a public school teacher from Stillwater, Minnesota, will describe the gender-specific outcomes of using special desks she designed for her sixth-graders; these desks make it easier for students to stand while working in the classroom. Ms. Brown and her desks were featured in a front-page article in The New York Times.
  • Eric Brown, principal of Killian Elementary School in Columbia, South Carolina, will speak about using the single-sex format to engage and empower Black males in the classroom.
  • Shirlette "Peggy" Burks, principal of an all-girls public elementary school in Dayton, Ohio, along with two teachers from her school -- Bhavna Shah and Karla Goins -- will give a presentation entitled "Framing Productive Instruction for Young Urban Girls", sharing what they have learned over the past four years.
  • Patrice Caldwell and Dyisha Taylor, both from Columbia, South Carolina, will give a presentation entitled "GEMS: Girls Engaged in Math and Science."
  • ¨
  • Skyles Calhoun, principal of Woodbridge Middle School in Virginia, will present his findings on his school’s experience launching and sustaining single-gender classrooms in a very diverse public school community
  • Brandy Caroway and Sara Jane Johnson, from Lancaster County, South Carolina, will give a presentation about their "Mother-Daughter Book Club"
  • David Chadwell, who coordinates single-gender programs throughout the state of South Carolina, will gave a presentation on how to launch a single-gender program
  • Joe Cox, headmaster of the Haverford School, an all-boys school near Philadelphia, along with a team of teachers from his school, will share their research on gender-specific best practice for the subject areas. One presentation from this team will focus on K-8 education; a second presentation from this school will focus on the content areas at the high school level.
  • Dr. John Eaves will speak about "The Morehouse Mystique: Lessons to Develop Black Men," based on his experience at Morehouse College in Atlanta
  • ¨
  • Tamara Evans and Jodi Kirkpatrick, from Clark County public schools (Las Vegas), will share their strategies for teaching the “tough student” in the all-boys classroom
  • Michael Fellin and Nicholas Kovacs are teachers at Neil McNeil High School, a public school, all-boys, in Toronto. Their presentation is titled "Boys to Men: a school-wide effort to build character in boys."
  • Jeff Ferguson, a teacher from a public elementary school in Waterloo, Iowa, will share his experiences "looping" with the same group of boys for five consecutive years, from first grade through fifth grade. Mr. Ferguson's experience was featured in a special segment on ABC news (click here for the story and streaming video).
  • Dr. Margaret Ferrara, from the University of Nevada at Reno, will give a presentation entitled "What Kind of Teacher Are You?" in which she will share her research on the characteristics of the best teachers for girls, as well as the best teachers for boys.
  • Dr. Ferrara will give a second presentation, about “turning anecdotes into data” with your findings from single-gender classrooms
  • Sara Franklin and Suzanne Wright, from Jefferson Middle School in Springfield, Illinois, will share what they have learned about best practice for teaching middle-school science in an all-boys classroom and an all-girls classroom, respectively
  • Dr. Vicki Garlock, from Hanger Hall Girls' School in Asheville, North Carolina, will give a presentation on the topic of "Building Community for Middle-School Girls."
  • Maria Gauthier, from Upper Canada College in Ontario, will give a presentation entitled "Where are the boys? Closing the gender gap in second language learning"
  • ¨
  • Dr. Jeffrey Geihs, principal of Cheyenne High School in Las Vegas, and his associate Roy Detisch, will speak about their four years’ experience with single-sex classrooms at the high school level
  • Dr. David Gelpi, from Fordham Prep (a boys’ school in the Bronx), will talk about “the quest for the male soul”: his year-long program for boys about the transition from boyhood to manhood
  • Dr. Amy Giddings, from Drexel University, will give a presentation entitled "Competitive sport: a viable option to re-engage high school boys."
  • Curt Green will share his experiences as the principal of an all-boys public school in Atlanta
  • Robin Gilbert, principal of Middleton Heights Elementary School in Middleton, Idaho, will give a presentation entitled "Just Don't Say SEX!" -- tips on how to implement single-gender programs in a conservative, rural community
  • Rachel Harjes will give a presentation entitled "Race/Gender Socialization Effects on Children's Self-Evaluation and Well-Being: Moderation of Effects by Single-Gender Classes."
  • Dr. Bette Heins, Doug MacIsaac, Dr. Kathy Piechura, Dr. Mercedes Tichenor, all from Stetson University in Florida, will give a presentation describing what they have learned about best practice for teaching math to girls, and to boys, in single-sex classrooms at a public elementary school over the past five years.
  • Monica Hooker, from an all-boys public school in Atlanta, will give a presentation entitled "Defeating the Odds: Raising Academic Achievement of African-American Males Through Culturally Relevant Literature, School-Community Based Programs and Technology."
  • Jon Jones and Kim Radocy, from Lowman Elementary in Las Vegas, will give a presentation entitled "Integrating Thematic Instruction in Single Gender Classes."
  • Dr. Linda Karges-Bone will be joined by teachers Scott Bloom, Wanda Carroll-Williams, Shantae Gilliard, and Renee Jones, all from Summerville, South Carolina, to give a presentation entitled "A singularly significant success story at Spann Elementary."
  • Meagan Kennedy (who teaches the boys' classrooms) and Susan Rodriguez (who teaches the girls' classrooms), both from Woodbridge Middle School in Woodbridge, Virginia, will share what they have learned about gender-specific best practice for teaching language arts.
  • Professor Judith Kleinfeld, from the University of Alaska - Fairbanks, will share her research on gender differences in the risk of depression and suicide among young Native Alaskans.
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  • Maribel McAdory, principal of Diaz Elementary School in Las Vegas, and Ariel Villalobos, principal of Cortez Elementary, will talk about their experience launching single-gender classrooms in these two Las Vegas public schools
  • Dewayne McClary, from Kingstree Junior High School in South Carolina, will share gender-specific strategies which he and his colleagues have used successfully in specific content areas, as well as gender-specific classroom management strategies.
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  • Shelley McClure, from Vancouver British Columbia, and her colleague Sharon Klein will talk about leadership programs for girls in all-girls schools
  • Caitlin McKenzie, from Dent Middle School in Columbia, South Carolina, will share some of her strategies for engaging boys in English / Language Arts.
  • Dr. Kathy Piechura, from Stetson University, will join teachers from Woodward Avenue Elementary School in Deland, Florida, to share what they have learned about best practice for classroom management in single-sex classrooms
  • Jill Renn and Betsy Fallon, from Hardey Prep in Chicago, will give a presentation entitled "Stand up to Learn! - and other strategies to elementary school boys", based on their experience in the all-boys classroom.
  • Billy Rook and Joan Smith-Stuard, from Hope High School in Arkansas, will speak about "Classroom Design for Movement and Unorthodox Best Practices," based on their experience teaching social studies and English to 9th- and 10th-grade girls and boys in single-sex classrooms.
  • ¨
  • Beth Roueché, from the Langston Charter Middle School in Greenville, South Carolina, will give a presentation about “Burps, Farts, and Snot: Teaching chemistry to middle school boys” in the all-boys classroom
  • Dr. Kathleen Salyer, a clinical psychologist in McLean, Virginia, will give a presentation entitled "ADHD? LD? Disabled or Mislabeled?: The Urgent need for single sex classrooms."
  • ¨
  • Adam Schultheis, from Ruben Diaz Elementary in Las Vegas, will present his findings on what works to get boys excited about music in a boys’ classroom – and likewise for girls in a girls’ classroom
  • Denise Scott, from James Elementary School in Tampa, Florida, will give a presentation titled "Making Writing Jazzy," sharing what she has learned about gender-specific best practice for creative writing.
  • Dr. Mary Spence, and Larry Simpson, from Ann Arbor Public Schools (Michigan), will give a presentation entitled "Bridging the Gaps: incorporating race, class, gender and culture in disproportionality work to enhance achievement"
  • ¨
  • Dr. Sandra Stotsky will share her scholarly investigation of single-sex education in Arkansas public schools
  • Dr. Jim Studer, Assistant Principal at Desert Heights Elementary School in Reno, Nevada, will answer the question: "What happens when single-sex classes swap teachers for one week?"
  • Danielle Watson and Jennifer Smith, from Bay Minette Intermediate School in Alabama, will give a presentation sharing what they have learned about best practice for engaging boys, based on their three years' experience teaching a diverse group of boys in all-boys classrooms.
  • John Taylor, principal of an all-boys public charter high school in Albany, will give a presentation on "Building Resilience in Boys."
  • Mark Wallace, from High Point Regional High School in Sussex, New Jersey, will give a presentation entitled "Women in Engineering" based on his experience teaching engineering and technology to high school girls.
  • ¨
  • Jeremy Williams, from Merrillville Intermediate School in Indiana, will present his findings on best practice for teaching math to middle-school girls, and to boys, in single-gender classrooms
  • Benjamin Wright, now superintendent for alternative education in the Philadelphia public schools, will give a presentation entitled "What's so special about special ed for boys of color?"
  • Dr. Debra Yates, from the College of Idaho, and her student Stephanie Burke, will share their assessment of single-sex education in Idaho public schools.

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    Speakers receive a discount of $100 off the applicable registration fee.

    Refunds:We will refund 90% of the registration fee if your refund request is received before September 1; between September 1 and October 1, just 50%; after October 1, no refunds can be provided.

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    If you have questions about methods of payment, please call NASSPE at 610 296 2821 during our business hours (9 AM to 4 PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday), and ask to speak with Katie.

    Where is the conference taking place?

    The conference venue will be the Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel. We recommend that attendees stay either at the Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel or the Marriott Atlanta Airport Hotel, which is located just across Best Road from the Westin, about a five-minute walk. As of October 7 2009, both these hotels still had some rooms available during the conference dates: the Westin's best rate is $104 per night, while Marriott's best rate is $77/night. Both hotels offer free shuttle service from the Atlanta airport to the hotel. So you won't need a rental car or a taxi. Just hop in the free shuttle from the airport and you're there!

    What's the conference agenda: when does it start, when does it end, and what's included?

    Friday evening, October 9, we will have a welcoming reception which will also serve as a time for conference registration. If you are able to join us Friday evening between 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM at the Westin Atlanta Hotel, this will be a good time to meet others who are interested in single-sex education. Light refreshments will be served. We have invited all of our presenters to prepare posters to display at this session, to promote an opportunity to "meet and mingle." However, we don't know yet how many of our presenters will actually be available to participate in this poster session, which is NOT required of anybody. So if you are able to join us Friday evening, that's great; but the formal activities of the conference do not begin until Saturday morning.

    Saturday morning, October 10, you will first need to register if you didn't do so Friday evening. Then you can enjoy a light breakfast before the conference officially opens at 9 AM Saturday morning. Dr. Sax will greet all the attendees in a general session. He will also share some stories about American public schools which have adopted the single-sex format: some success stories, as well as some failures.
    The first breakout session will begin around 10:45 Saturday morning. There will be at least nine different sessions to choose from during each of the five breakout sessions.

    We will have a hot buffet lunch beginning at 12 noon on Saturday. At lunchtime, you will have the OPTION of sitting with people who are interested in all-girls classrooms, or all-boys classrooms. Attendees at our 2008 conference told us this was a good opportunity to network with people with similar interests.

    The second breakout session will begin at 1 PM Saturday afternoon, and the third breakout session will begin around 2:30 PM. After the third breakout session, we will have coffee and soft drinks available next to the conference bookstore, which will provide another chance to meet and mingle with other attendees. Saturday evening we have no events scheduled, so you will be on your own to enjoy the attractions of Atlanta, such as the amazing once-a-year "Taste of Atlanta" festival which just happens to be taking place at the same time as our conference!
    Sunday morning we will again have a continental breakfast at 8 AM, followed by the fourth breakout session which begins at 9 AM. The fifth and final breakout session begins at 10:30 AM. The conference concludes at 12 noon on Sunday. We hope to see you there!
    Please contact us between 9 AM and 4 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, with any questions about the conference.

    Comments from attendees at recent NASSPE Conferences:

    "Each time I attend the conference I gain new strategies and a more effective mans of implementing existing strategies. The presenters have been fabulous. Thank you for sharing the knowledge!"
    Tisha D. Jones, Diaz Elementary School, Las Vegas, Nevada

    "An outstanding learning opportunity for all educators. The VARIETY of topics covered provided an excellent opportunity for all. Keep up the excellent work!"
    Doug Trimble, principal, C. G. Stirling Elementary School, Hamilton, Ontario

    "This was my first NASSPE conference. I had a wonderful time. The environment, food, and staff were all top notch. There was great diversity in the breakout sessions. Speakers were very informative."
    James W. Blackmon, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, Tennessee

    "I really enjoyed this conference. I get so much information and ideas from fellow teachers who are also doing single-sex education. Fellowshipping with others who are doing what I am doing, I KNOW that I am doing the right thing!"
    Daryl Jackson, Aberdeen Primary School, Aberdeen, North Carolina

    "The NASSPE conference is always a great opportunity to network with others on the front lines of gender-specific classrooms. Learning new strategies and having existing strategies affirmed has been helpful. It was nice to collaborate and learn from experts in the field. It really helps to validate the whole process for me. Thanks!"
    Annette Duncan, Cunningham Elementary School, Waterloo, Iowa

    "This was a fabulous, insightful and interesting conference. I am so glad I came. It felt like family. It was good to network with teachers, counselors and administrators from all different experiences to bring to the board. It was also a great representation of schools from all over the States, as well as from Iceland, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and Australia."
    Denise Blakely, San Luis Obispo, California

    "This conference was the best professional development I have ever experienced - in 30 years of teaching. Thank you for the careful, insightful preparation given to this day, and for your evident passion for this work!"
    Terry Hume, Robert Turner Elementary School, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky


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