2003 Single-Sex Conference
Our first conference took place in August 2003 in Washington D.C.
For information about our second conference -- which took place October 8 - 10, 2005, in Cincinnati/Covington -- please go to this link.

The program for our first conference on single-sex education in public schools is shown below.
When: Friday, August 22, 2003
Where: The National Press Club, 529 14th Street NW, 13th Floor, Frank Holeman Conference Room Washington DC

Morning session: making the transition from coed school to single-sex academy

9:15 Welcome and Introduction
Our morning session will feature the three principals who have led the most successful conversions of public schools to single-sex public academies:
9:30 Ben Wright, former Principal, Thurgood Marshall Elementary
10:15 George Smitherman, former Principal, Moten Elementary
11:00 Wayne Commeford, Principal, James Lyng High School
Each of these schools is a regular public school (not a charter) located in a low-income district of a large city. At each of these schools, test scores were low and discipline problems were rampant. At each of these schools, a courageous principal made the decision to re-invent the school as a single-sex academy: girls in girls-only classrooms, boys in boys-only classrooms. At each of these schools, the results of the transformation were dramatic: in each case, test scores soared, students' attitudes towards learning improved, and discipline problems ebbed.

11:45 Panel discussion: Do some teaching strategies work better for girls, and others for boys? Are there gender-specific techniques for classroom management?
Panelists will include Ben Wright, George Smitherman, Wayne Commeford, as well as Martha Cutts, head of the Upper School of the National Cathedral School for Girls, and Christopher Wadsworth, executive director of the International Boys' Schools Coalition.

12:45: Lunch will be provided (the cost of lunch is included in your registration fee -- see below)

Afternoon session: the promise and the future of single-sex public schools

1:15 Leonard Sax, Director, NASSPE
More Than Just Test Scores: non-academic benefits of single-gender education.

Non-academic benefits of single-sex education include:

broader educational horizons. Girls in single-sex classrooms are more likely to pursue interests in math, science, and information technology. Boys in boys-only classrooms are more likely to take subjects such as art, music, drama, cooking, and foreign languages.
improved classroom management. Single-gender classrooms are easier to manage, with fewer discipline problems, than mixed classrooms -- provided that female teachers have received appropriate professional training in the management of an all-boys classroom!
lower risk of teenage pregnancy, as well as lower risk of drug abuse
None of these benefits will show up on any standardized test.

2:15 Panel discussion on the future of single-sex public schools:
Rosemary Salomone, professor of law and author of Same, Different, Equal -- the most authoritative study of single-sex education in the United States -- will begin the panel discussion with an overview of the new regulations governing single-sex education in public schools in the United States
Maureen Grogan, executive director of the Young Women's Leadership Foundation, will talk about single-sex public schools "in the pipeline"
Whitney Ransome, Co-Executive Director, National Coalition of Girls' Schools
Nora Kizer Bell, President of Hollins University

Among other topics, the panelists will consider the pros and cons of the "dual academy" -- a single campus or building with girls in girls-only classrooms and boys in boys-only classrooms -- compared with the traditional single-sex school, with only girls (or boys) on the campus. They will also consider strategies for marketing single-gender education to students and to parents.

3:45 Concluding remarks and audience questions

Registration Information
If you would like to register for the conference, please send a check or money order for $75 payable to NASSPE at National Association for Single Sex Public Education, 19710 Fisher Avenue, Post Office Box 108, Poolesville, Maryland, 20837. If you prefer to use a credit card, you can call us at 301 972 7600, or send a fax to 301 972 8006. Either way, be sure to give us your name, address, daytime phone number, and e-mail address so we can reach you with last-minute updates. If you plan to attend, please register NOW -- seating is limited, and the conference is filling up quickly.




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