Comments from educators who have heard Dr. Sax speak


“Dr. Sax is the Al Gore of the gender crisis.  He has EDUCATED us about the nature and scope of the problem.  He has WARNED us about the consequences of doing nothing.  And he has INSPIRED us to take action in our schools and in our communities.”

Michael Halfin, Huron Heights Secondary School, Newmarket, Ontario


“Dr. Sax is a godsend.  His work has given us insight on organizational design, staff and teachers’ instructional development, and ways to transform our students and curriculum.”

Roynell Young, founder and CEO, Pro-Vision Charter School for Boys, Houston, Texas


“I am usually pessimistic about learning anything useful at the workshops required by our school district.  It was a stroke of luck that I attended Dr. Sax’s session.  What was so rewarding in his presentation was that it helped me to understand why some things have worked well for me in the classroom while others have not.   I now see the behavior of my students in a new way.”

Jonathan Lind, Sudley Elementary School, Manassas, Virginia


“We invited Dr. Sax to lead an all-day professional development program at our school.  Going in to that session, only about half of our teachers supported the idea of single-sex education.  By noon, after hearing just Dr. Sax’s morning session, I would say that 100% of the teachers strongly supported the idea.  Teachers who had previously been opposed came up to me and said, ‘Why can’t we make the whole school single-sex?’”

            Lee Mansell, Principal, Foley Intermediate School, Foley, Alabama


“If I and my staff had not attended Dr. Sax’s two-day seminar, our school would simply not have been able to implement our single-sex program.  I just don’t see how educators can undertake such a program without this level of professional development.” 

Ed Rider, Principal, Anne Bailey Elementary School, St. Albans, West Virginia


 “I was profoundly impressed by the information which Dr. Sax shared with us.  I also appreci­ated his style of presentation:  a logical sequence of ideas supported by compelling evidence. 

An excellent presentation.”

Don Comeau, Clear Water Academy, Calgary, Alberta


“Of all the sessions I attended, Dr. Sax’s was the only one which gave me concrete information I could use in the classroom.”

Daren Starnes, Dean of Faculty, Fountain Valley School, Colorado Springs, Colorado


“The thing I find so gratifying in listening to Dr. Sax is that he provides evidence, hard science, to support the points he’s making.  That’s rare in my experience, when speakers talk about gender.”

David Lloyd, The Webb Schools, Claremont, California


“What an impressive evening!  We have never been to an event before where 600 folks sat, spellbound for two and a half hours, laughing every 3 minutes and uttering ‘Wow’ every 5.”

Steven Masters, Saltus Grammar School, Pembroke, Bermuda


“I stayed up past midnight talking with my colleagues about what I heard at Dr. Sax’s presenta­tion earlier that day.  His talk was brilliant and inspiring.  I confess to feeling a poverty of words in trying to convey how much I enjoyed hearing Dr. Sax and how much I appreciate what he is doing for education.”

Gerry Grossman, Head, Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart, Lake Forest, Illinois


“Everybody at Merchiston commented favorably on Dr. Sax’s sessions yesterday.  He is impressive and knowledgeable across so many fields.  Every assertion was backed up with evidence.  We would love to have him back at Merchiston for seven to ten days.  I learned a huge amount and so did everybody else.” 

            Andrew Hunter, Headmaster, Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, Scotland


“Dr. Sax is an outstanding speaker.  His insights, all based on scientific evidence, are informative and at times nothing short of astounding.  He has stimulated our minds, challenged, entertained, and inspired us.  I do hope we might work together again.”

            Meg Hansen, Principal, Lauriston Girls’ School, Melbourne, Australia


“Dr. Sax gave a fabulous presentation at the Niagara Principals’ conference.  My colleagues are still all aglow with what they heard and have purchased more than 200 of his books through a local provider – I know, because I arranged the sale.  We would very much like to have him back.” 

Gary King, vice principal, Lakeview Public School, Grimsby, Ontario


“The school is still abuzz with good thoughts and feelings after hearing Dr. Sax’s talk.  Be sure to stop by Jill and Betsy’s classrooms.  As a result of hearing Dr. Sax, they are now conducting their [boys] classes without chairs.  It is incredible to watch the in­creased concentration.  The boys’ performance has improved at least 200%.  It was just one of the ideas Dr. Sax shared with us.” 

            Meg Steele, Head of the Lower School, Hardey Preparatory, Chicago, Illinois


“The teachers found Dr. Sax’s seminar interesting and thought-provoking.  Dr. Sax’s evening presentation to the parents had an even more profound impact.  His content goes far beyond gender differences to deep questions about the directions our society is taking.” 

Janet Sailian, Director of Communications, Branksome Hall, Toronto, Ontario



Comments about Dr. Sax’s books Girls on the Edge, Boys Adrift

and Why Gender Matters


Why Gender Matters “. . . is a lucid guide to male and female brain differences.” 

            New York Times


Boys Adrift “. . . is powerfully and persuasively presented. . . Excellent and informative references and information are provided.” 

            Journal of the American Medical Association


Girls on the Edge:  “This is essential reading for parents and teachers, and one of the most thought-provoking books on teen development available.”

Library Journal


“Until recently, there have been two groups of people: those who argue sex differences are innate and should be embraced and those who insist that they are learned and should be eliminated by changing the environment. Sax is one of the few in the middle -- convinced that boys and girls are innately different and that we must change the environment so differences don't become limitations."

            TIME Magazine


And finally, this e-mail from a student:

Dear Dr. Sax,

        I am an eighth grade student at the Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women's Leadership School. I am writing to you in regard to the seminar you held on Friday, September 8th at our school.

        First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our school and speak to us, as well as our parents, about gender differences and why they are so important. I thought your presentation was very enlightening and I thought you touched on some extremely interesting and important topics.

        One of the things I found most fascinating was how I could personally relate to the things you said. For instance, my father and I often have disagreements over colors. What he says is purple I say is maroon. What he calls dark green is clearly emerald. I found it incredibly interesting that there was actually an experiment conducted that give evidence of girls and boys making different observations of the colors.

       Secondly, Dr. Sax, I would like to commend you for speaking globally about the importance of understanding and respecting differences in gender. I think this is one of the most important issues in both education and culture. I think it is wonderful that individuals such as yourself devote so much time to speaking about these issues.

By the way sir, congratulations on the birth of your daughter.


                                                                                       Natalie S.