NASSPE Conference

Covington, Kentucky

October 8 – 10, 2005


Saturday, October 8

8:15 AM:       American breakfast buffet at the Marriott (complimentary)

9:30 AM:       Welcome and Introduction of first Keynote Speaker

9:45 AM:       Keynote Address I (Benjamin Wright, Victory Schools / Philadelphia):

                    “We Have Crossed the Bay:  the Ocean Lies Ahead”

11:00 AM:     Breakout Session #1:  see schedule

12:00 PM:     Buffet Lunch at the Marriott (complimentary)

1:30 PM:       Dr. Abigail James:  Introduction to Keynote Address II

1:45 PM:       Keynote Address II (Leonard Sax, author of Why Gender Matters)

                    “Best Practices for Single-Sex Education:  Are We There Yet?”

3:00 PM:       Breakout Session #2: see schedule

4:00 PM:       Beverage Break (at the Convention Center).  The local Barnes & Noble bookstore will have books relevant to single-sex education available for purchase.  Ilana DeBare (author of Where Girls Come First), Leonard Sax (author of Why Gender Matters), and Benjamin Wright (author of Guide for Working with Urban Youth) will be on hand to sign copies of their books.


Sunday, October 9

8:00 AM:       American Breakfast at the Marriott (complimentary)

9:30 AM:       Introduction to Panel Discussion I

9:45 AM:       Panel Discussion I:  “What Are Best Practices for All-Boys Classrooms?”

11:00 AM:     Breakout Session #3:  see schedule

12:00 PM:     Buffet Lunch at the Marriott (complimentary)

1:30 PM:       Introduction to Panel Discussion II

1:45 PM:       Panel Discussion II:  “What Are Best Practices for All-Girls Classrooms?”

3:00 PM:       Breakout Session #4:  see schedule


Monday, October 10

8:30 AM        Interactive working breakfast:  Teacher Certification?  Member Schools?

¯    Should we develop a “certification” process for girls’ teachers and boys’ teachers? 

¯    If so, what form would such certification take, and who would be qualified to lead professional development activities leading to certification? 

¯    And:  Should NASSPE certify “member schools”?  If so, what should the criteria for membership be?

¯    And:  when and where should our next conference be?  What should its focus be?

In addition, Dr. Abigail James will lead a discussion of the format for next summer’s NASSPE-sponsored Teacher Training Institute. 


11:15 AM:  Adjournment and Farewell